VAT Registration in France

Businesses based overseas, including in non other EU Member States, which do not have a permanent establishment in France yet carry out VAT taxable transactions there are required to register in France for VAT purposes.

We help overseas-registered companies and businesses obtain a French VAT number.

This is particularily helpful to traders in duty suspended goods, as well as online traders such as Ebay and Amazon sellers in the EU selling goods in France, who wish to ensure they are VAT-compliant.  

French VAT & Tax online accounts

Once a VAT number has been allocated to them, overseas-based professionals must use the French Tax Authorities’ online submission procedures to file their returns and make payments online.

To use such online services, users must first create their own French online Tax Account and register their business on the French on-line VAT system.  

France VAT Services helps setting-up and activating your EU or non-EU business' French VAT & Tax online account.

French VAT Returns

For certain transactions, foreign businesses may be liable to pay VAT in France, report taxable transactions through periodic VAT returns and pay VAT in France.

We assess whether transactions made by non-resident traders with a French VAT number require a VAT return to be filed in France.

We can submit your French VAT Returns to French Revenue and Customs through Electronic File Interchange (EFI). As applicable, we will liaise on your behalf with the French Tax Authorities.

EORI number 

Obtain a French EORI
Companies not established in the E.U. should request the assignment of a EORI number to the customs authorities of the EU country responsible for the place where their first import will take place.  With Brexit, the UK is now considered as a third country with regards to the EU.
We help non E.U. based businesses get an EORI Number from the French Authorities.

EORI matching
For E.U. based businesses, we help ensuring that the EORI issued in their Member State gets assigned to their French registration (SIRET) number.

Get a French VAT Number